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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:25pm 15/09/17 | 9 Comments
And yep, I realise that headline is a mouthful, but so is attempting to explain this unique and awesome gaming concept. But here goes: You know all those taverns, inns and pubs you visit in high fantasy RPGs to buy items from, rest in or, more importantly, gain information that usually leads to new quests? Well, Epic Tavern is a game where you run one of those establishments, dishing out quests, information and items to the heroes who walk through your tavern door.

Here's an official excerpt from Epic Tavern's Early Access press release:
Developed by Hyperkinetic Studios, a team led by a trio who were formerly a Creative Director at Treyarch, an Associate Producer at Konami, and a Technology & Design Lead at Sony Pictures Studios, Epic Tavern will age to perfection in the casks of Early Access until 2018.

In Epic Tavern, players take on the role of Tavernmaster and oversee a legendary pub where renowned heroes from across the World of Beor converge as they prepare to embark on adventures. A tasty brew of role-playing, roster management, and social simulation elements, Epic Tavern enables players to customize their establishment and dispatch its heroic patrons on quests.

During these journeys, Tavernmasters will guide their parties as they encounter difficult forks in the road. It’s up to players to help their heroes overcome the lasting effects of their dangerous adventures, guide their progress as they level up, and divvy up the spoils of their quests.

How Tavernmasters befriend their heroes, manage their teams, and maintain their establishment will reverberate out to the world beyond the inn’s doors, attracting new patrons and powerful enemies, in addition to unlocking lucrative and exciting new adventures.

Epic Tavern was crowdfunded via Kickstarter, where it raised 170% of its goal. Available here for USD$24.99, the tavern management simulator is playable in English, with additional language support planned for future updates.
“Epic Tavern’s dynamic systems ensure no two players’ stories will be the same,” said Rich Bisso, Co-Founder, Hyperkinetic Studios via the same press release. “We’ve built the tools so Tavernmasters can create and run the fantasy inn of their dreams and be at the heart of every adventure.”

Check out the Early Access launch trailer below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:10pm 15/9/17
that sounds different. i have to see how this actually works.
Posted 02:39pm 15/9/17
okay that descripion makes it sound awesome... and the sort of game that has to exist
Posted 02:48pm 15/9/17
Yeah sounds very cool but I personally cbf with early access stuff til it's finished or close enough.

Prob will buy it though, I'm a steam hoarder :(
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:42pm 15/9/17
Got myself a code today and have downloaded it, so I'll get some impressions up early next week for those of you not entirely sure about jumping in
Posted 04:06pm 15/9/17
Saw a video of it on youtube. It looks quite interesting, but he also said that it's currently very buggy. I'll definitely keep an eye on it though.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:17pm 15/9/17
Early signs are good. Has the right amount of humour, and its presentation is pretty good. But man, is the management page early on intimidating. So. Much. Information.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:40am 16/9/17
It's rather fun so far but there is so much stuck behind the "Coming soon" signs. Give it 6 months I recon and it'll be a whole lot better.
Posted 09:47am 16/9/17

Can you give me an idea of the depth of gameplay involved. I enjoy information overload as I get a kick out of making sense of stuff like that. I find I enjoy steep learning curves for that reason,
However, there has to be interactive depth to that information. Does it actually have bearing on the gameplay or is it just different flavours of essentially the same actions?

I really like Dwarf Fortress and Cataclysm DDA for instance. I also like when games have hidden information and mechanics that you learn to interpret from what you learn playing. I think that is what I mean by depth.
IF the entire mechanical system is explained and all information about those mechanics are available, I find the game quickly gets boring once I've learned how to manage that.

I really like the concept of this game and on the fence about getting it.

So how does this game stack up in the context of what I wrote above?

Posted 08:11am 20/9/17
Hey b****, I asked you a question!
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