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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:57am 13/09/17 | 9 Comments
Causing highly intelligent and perceptive people the world over to proclaim, "Where for art though iPhone 9?" Like the Xbox One X, there's no power greater than X which makes the iPhone X a device ripped from the headlines found on one of those futuristic newspapers seen in the film Minority Report. It's the future... today. Face scanning technology, animated animals expressing emotion, it's got it all.

This isn't a smartphone for mere mortals either, with a price that starts at $1579 AUD for the 64GB model when it launches on November 3. Which is a few days before the Xbox One X, causing many tuxedo-clad people within the industry to sip on their expensive champagne whilst turning to each other to say, "Well I say, November is clearly the month of X".

So what makes the iPhone X so special? The fact that you need to ask has already informed Apple of your whereabouts so they can add you to their unworthy list - think Santa but instead of Elves in the North Pole creating toys they use the cheap labour and slave-like working conditions found in some parts of Asia. Anyway, watch the above video created by the same corporations that run society in every dystopian future you've ever seen depicted on film to get a better picture.

For our Elite Readers with AusGamers Platinum access, you can expect to bask in the awesome full glass front and back of the new iPhone X. And when unworthy folks like, most of the population, whisper to each other in poor attempts at solace noting that glass has a long-standing history of breaking you can respond, "Surgical grade steel can be found within the reflective beauty of the iPhone X, making this the toughest glass-based smart device ever created!" To which the wretched masses might say something along the lines of, "There hasn't been a smartphone that hasn't cracked at one stage or another".

But that doesn't take into account animated animal-based emoji things built from your own facial profile. Check. Mate.

Which the new iPhone will feature alongside a slightly better camera taking even better pictures than the awesome pictures of the current model, facial recognition security that has a 1 in 100,000 chance of being hacked, a battery that will last so much longer that you can expect an extra hour or two without plugging it in. Except that you won't because it also features wireless charging.

Also announced, the iPhone 8.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:36pm 13/9/17
curved screen edge and no physical button

reminds me of another phone
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:16pm 13/9/17
It disturbs me that the facial recognition 'animojis' were apparently important enough to feature in the presentation
Posted 01:29pm 13/9/17
All I'll say is that I am so very happy with my Galaxy S8 with unlimited calls & text for $65 / month. Won't consider changing for some time I think.
Posted 07:09pm 13/9/17
"Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" was a lamentation by Juliet about Romeo being a Capulet so no, "Where for art thou, iPhone 9" was not proclaimed by intelligent and perceptive people. If you said "Wherefore art though iPhone X?" I would have been impressed :)
Posted 07:11pm 13/9/17
I agree E.T. S8 is awesome without being an Apple to boot, funny though how they're playing catch up.
Posted 07:25pm 13/9/17
It disturbs me that the facial recognition 'animojis' were apparently important enough to feature in the presentation
That kind of happens when your device is 2 generations behind your competitors and you need at least 1 thing that someone didn't announce a year ago.
Posted 08:45pm 13/9/17
It disturbs me that the facial recognition 'animojis' were apparently important enough to feature in the presentation
holy s*** right? I mean show it for like 5 seconds and then move on. If I never hear the word 'emoji' again in my life in product announcement I will be very happy.

edit: I should say though - it looks like one sweet device.


- at USD$999 you'd have to be keen
- not 100% convinced about the FaceID thing but I doubt Apple would roll it out unless they were convinced it worked
- the new sensors look awesome & I think will be epic in conjunction with ARKit. Seems a shame they're not also available on the main camera ?
- ARKit looks like it could be huge in a variety of ways. If Apple aren't working on a Google Glass-type thing that doesn't suck or (less interesting) a Hololens thing, I'd be surprised.
- cameras look great as usual
- the "it's all screen" thing I guess is neat but I actually like a bezel so I can hold onto the phone without my fingers being in the way of the screen
- having a "neural engine" (I guess just a custom GPU?) on the device so you can do local machine-learning stuff effectively without the cloud is neat
- good general focus on security throughout the presentation highlights Apple take it seriously. I generally feel much more confident about Apple security than I do Android.
Posted 01:31pm 16/9/17
Looking at the iPhone X with the screen off I say it looks amazing and what I'd want from a top of the line iPhone... but I just can't get over that camera / sensor panel thing sticking out like a sore thumb when you turn it on. I'd rather 2 small bezels like the S8.

Of the things they announced the watch is actually the thing that has my attention now. With a SIM card, ability to take and make calls, Apple Music, no need to have your phone, it finally feels like it has the features it needed to have from the outset.

I haven't worn a watch in such a long time but I'm temped to check one out now.
Posted 08:09pm 16/9/17
Samsung blacked out that little bit across the top where the cameras and sensors are on the s8

So it doesn't look ridiculous like that
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