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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:13pm 06/09/17 | 3 Comments
Ubisoft's Rabbid-invaded imagining of Nintendo's beloved (and once thought sacred) Mushroom Kingdom is amazing. It is a near-perfect gaming experience that transcends the franchise mashup selling point because its design is flawless in execution and pacing. And we can tell you just why, through our in-depth review!

Here's a snippet from our official thoughts on the Switch's other best game so far:

Bosses are also a very key focus in the game, and they’re both revelatory in the modern gaming landscape (in an ironic kind of way), and hilarious. The irony is because bosses aren’t entirely in vogue these days, but further to this is that the bosses in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle follow an old-school design philosophy that sees them usually go through three different phases before they’re toppled. But without that being the norm in contemporary gaming, it’s sort of a breath of fresh air. You know, “what’s old is new again”, type of thing. The hilarity side of them is strictly that the Rabbids component of the game has simply allowed Ubisoft to poke as much fun at Nintendo’s beloved characters as they please, and it’s hard to look past Rabbid Kong as far as their best enemy Rabbid creation goes. I desperately want a plush toy of him.
Click here for our full Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle review.

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Posted 01:39pm 06/9/17
If you go to the washing machine it brings up a map that allows you to select and replay missions. Its just implemented quite poorly, it should be accessible from a menu instead of the main hub. I don't think I've ever used it and I'm half way through the 3rd world.

Have also had issues with some of the time based puzzles where you need to move blocks. The controls aren't the best so you end up pushing the blocks in the wrong direction sometimes due to the camera being locked.

Otherwise I think the game is a lot of fun, definitely check it out if you have a Switch.
Posted 01:47pm 06/9/17
I'm half way through world 2 and its amazing... love how challenging it is

I've had the same issues with the puzzle stuff too, but that's because i keep forgetting that you dont control Mario in those bits but the Rhoomba thing
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:40pm 06/9/17
Yeah, you just gotta remember you're controlling Beep-O and it really helps in how you end up controlling those puzzle sections
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