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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:38am 05/09/17 | 2 Comments
And to balance that headline out with a dash of optimism, they're not terrible either! Okay, so one of the more surprise announcements made recently was that Square Enix were remaking its absolute gem of an RPG - Secret of Mana - from the SNES. A title that originally featured impressive 2D art, but also went a little overboard with the SNES-era Mode 7 stuff.

The following video, which highlights the opening moments of the game also highlights a few other things too. Like the fact that we would have preferred redone and spruced up 2D art and animation as opposed to the very basic and generic 3D we see here. Servicable? Yes. Playable? Most definitely. But really, not worthy to carry the name Secret of Mana.

Even though the orchestrated score is a good idea, the voice acting is, well, a little too anime-lite. As is the whole aesthetic. Rant aside, we'll still be checking this out when it launches digitally for the PlayStation 4 and Steam next February. Lest we forget, it's still a Secret of Mana remake!

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Posted 06:34pm 05/9/17
While I'm not blown away by the graphics I am still looking forward to playing this. The music was the best part of the game and with higher fidelity sound and what looks like to be more solid gameplay I'm really looking forward to it!

They probably need to cut the price in half, though.
Posted 11:22pm 05/9/17
I still think it looks quite good, especially for a PS Vita port. Obviously the voice acting is terrible, but that is standard. Otherwise it looks right to me.

I too am looking forward to playing along to that soundtrack. I can't wait to get Flammie up in the air for the first time to the sound of "Prophecy". So epic!
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