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For us Pioneers, we've endured some pretty hectic shifts in Gwent's makeup since it was first made available in Closed Beta. Whole card values flipped on their head. Massive card nerfing. New card abilities destroying fundamental strats and player meta... the list goes on, but post-Gamescom CD Projekt RED has left the best (and potentially most unsettling) to last.

For example, Gold cards are now vulnerable to regular attacks without an ability requirement around being able to attack a Gold. This basic shift totally ruined my Faltest deck, forcing me to go into Deck Builder and make some very, very big changes. But hey, this isn't all about me.

On top of 30 all-new cards, a seasonal pro competition has been added (leading to the recently-announced "Gwent Masters"), along with real-time Leaderboards, a Player Profile page, an in-game Friends List for PC players as well as console players now being able to partake in a Friend Match (still no cross-platform Friend Match option, though). Shupe the Troll also has a one-time Starter Pack offer for roughly around AUD$7 that gives players 10 Kegs and a bunch of crating material to start getting your cards all shiny and animated. There's also a new section that updates with News and Notifications around the game.

We saw an even further-along version of Gwent while out at Gamescom this year, including an in-depth look into the single-player Adventure campaign coming soon (which we'll get deeper on in a little bit). Which leads us to thinking a final, 'Gwent's Gone Gold' version of the game isn't that far away at all.

An in-depth look at all the new changes can be checked out here, and if you haven't jumped into the brilliant CCG yet, now's as good a time as any. And if you're an old-hand at it, or have just been playing for a bit, jump into the Comments and let us know what you think of these new changes and additions.

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