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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:52pm 31/08/17 | 5 Comments
In terms of technology, namely in the screens that we all look at department, 2017 is all about the 4K. With 4K TV's now being so affordable that it's harder to find a 1080p screen than it is a 4K one, the technology is making a big ol' splash. Especially when you factor in the PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, and graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD. But really, the ultimate setup would have to be a 4K projector.

Home theatre setups that include a projector that can also be used for gaming can be some of the best ways to experience the latest AAA releases. As an owner of a 1080p projector, there's nothing quite like it. Sony's new VPL-VW760ES projector, which supports native 4K HDR in a compact design sounds like the next logical step. Of course the $7,999 make it more of a dream than a reality. Comparitvaely speaking a 1080p projector with similar capabilities will only cost you about $2,000.

Which makes the existence of an affordable 4K HDR projector a rarity these days. but with with Sony's new 4K projector designed specifically for the home, we're all one step closer to that dream. The Sony VPL-VW760ES projector is due for release in Australia next month, with even more premium versions due in December.

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Posted 02:12pm 01/9/17
Which makes it even more bizarre why Sony never included a 4K Blu-Ray player in the PS4 Pro yet Microsoft included it in their Xbox One S (and soon their Xbox One X)...

Did Sony not want to compete against their own dedicated 4K Blu-Ray playback machines?
Posted 04:47pm 01/9/17
Yeah that's one of the most baffling omissions in console history.... makes zero sense when blu-ray tech is essentially Sony's and that the PlayStation 3 had a blu-ray drive
Posted 07:05pm 01/9/17
Sony are not TCL or Hisense
Posted 11:34pm 03/9/17
Yeah, I would probably have already bought a PS4 Pro if it had a 4K BD player.

So how do projectors compare with OLED screens with their colour output? I have an OLED TV that I PC game on and even after 2 years it still blows me away!
Posted 11:11am 04/9/17
I'd take an OLED over a projector any day of the week. I mean sure a projector can fill a wall, but theres no way you'd get the same colour reproduction, contrast and black levels that OLED can offer
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