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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:40pm 23/08/17 | 2 Comments
And, well, people aren't all that impressed. As a fan of the series, this definitely looks like a long-awaited sequel to Shenmue. Which is cause for celebration. The character detail and animations might only look "okay" at this stage, but the environments look great. And really, there's plenty of time between now and the 2018 release window. Also, it's the story we care about.

And as the following trailer is set to music only, we only get visual glimpses at what might be going on. With the highlight being Ryo training with a new mysterious character.

As per the description "The first teaser of Shenmue III is built from a small slice of an in-development build of the game, and it delivers small peeks in new look of main characters, new characters, and feels of Shenmue world".

Still, there's something off about Ryo's new look. Like his face is a little squashed.

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Posted 12:46pm 24/8/17
"The character detail and animations might only look "okay" at this stage"... they are not "okay" they are "terrible" for this day and age...
Posted 01:53pm 24/8/17
Yeah, maybe. I recently replayed the first Shenmue so it didn't bother me as much
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