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Which means that it will no longer launch the same day as Microsoft's Xbox One X. The news, which broke over at Polygon, comes from Microsoft's Shannon Loftis who noted that the extra time will be used to improve the overall experience. Including, refining the visuals. Recently we posted an opinion that it might be time to start worrying about Crackdown 3. This delay, although somewhat telling, tells us Microsoft want to ensure that Crackdown 3 lives up to its promise.

"Crackdown 3 is an incredibly ambitious project that pushes the technological envelope with immersive true 4K gameplay, cloud-computing competitive multiplayer and a sprawling and futuristic open world," Loftis told Polygon. Adding, "Among other items, we are taking the extra time to focus on the visual polish so gamers can feel completely immersed in a living world. We want them to really feel the larger-than life enemies as they’re exploring the expansive open world, combating crime and collecting orbs".

In relation to the Xbox One X launch lineup Shannon Loftis noted the huge number of high profile third-party releases due this holiday season that will take advantage of the console's additional power - including the likes of Assassin's Creed Origins, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Destiny 2. In addition to first party offering like Forza Motorsport 7.

We hope that the extra time on Crackdown 3 results in the sequel that the first game deserved. If we had one complaint from the footage shown at E3 it was that it simply didn't look like a true evolution. And really, all it would take would be to add incidental detail and minor destruction to the world. Here's hoping that's what the team will be focusing on. That, and more Terry Crews.

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