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Winning a staggering $10.8 million USD, from the largest prize pool ever amassed for a global esports event - $24.5 million USD. Yeah, competitive Dota 2 be popular. And exciting to watch too, with over 4.7 million people tuning in to stream the event from across the globe. In addition to the sell-out crowd in Seattle.

Sponsored by Team Razer, the victory is definitely one for the history books. Or, ebooks.

"Today was a monumental day in Team Liquid history, and like any great accomplishment it did not happen out of the blue. Our TI7 win was the fruits of many years of labor and support from our partners such as Razer,” said Team Liquid co-CEO Victor Goossens.

Team Liquid began as one of six invited pro teams, finishing first in its group stage. Team Liquid then went on to beat Virtus.Pro and qualified teams Team Empire, LGD and Team Secret on the main stage before advancing to the final three where as the last remaining western team faced off against eastern teams LGD.Forever Young and Newbee before taking the championship.

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