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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:44pm 02/08/17 | 6 Comments
Quite the lengthy headline no? And yeah, it speaks for itself with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds overtaking Fallout 4 to have the highest peak concurrent player count of any non-Valve game on Steam. Of all time. Which puts it third behind Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This news simply highlights the meteroic rise in popularity of PUBG of late, where it has become a staple in the PC gaming diet.

Here's the full chart.

Interestingly the only other non-Valve primarily multiplayer title on the list is Payday 2.

playerunknown’s battlegroundspubgsteamplayer count

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Posted 03:42pm 02/8/17

Looking at the last 6 months is even more interesting. Check it out:,570,730,271590,578080


It's gained a huge number of players.

Posted 05:09pm 02/8/17
It looks so boring.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:00pm 02/8/17
Herron, it's not. Played my first game with Joaby and Nachos Justice the other day and it was really intense. The gameplay loop of loot, power up, rush, wait, rush, wait, consider attacking... rinse-repeat but not in that order is really fun, contracry to how it may look from an outsider perspective. I highly recommend giving it a go!
Posted 07:30pm 02/8/17
This game is so awesome. I thought I was well and truly over computer games however PUBG has sucked me in. As with all online games this one is a lot better playing with friends.

Played about 120 hours. Cant remember the last time I have played that much in
a short time. Would be yearsssss ago like maybe when Left 4 Dead, StarCraft 2, and Company of Heroes were out.
Posted 02:12am 03/8/17
Yep a very fun game...but the latest looting 'delay' dropping in tomorrow nights update, is seriously going to piss a LOT of people off. Basically, they are penalizing fast looters or efficient game players in the looting stage in an effort to 'make it fair' for everyone. wow...whats next? Auto aim for PC players, delayed keyboard commands to accommodate our console friends??...seriously the looting phase is the boring s*** and now they want to prolong it by adding time to the pickup people like ACULITE are going to scream f*****g blue murder.

I watch some brilliant players who's are quick, fast, efficient looting is a mainstay of their game. NONE of them want to stand in a paddock and loot a body for any longer than they have too!! It's a recipe for death. I think this new mechanic will force people to not loot anyone out in the open, if its going to take so don't want to do it with your balls'll do it in a house or in cover etc.. Otherwise some little prick with a Kar98 will crack the top of your head like a boiled egg for sure.

Doesn't personally bother me cause I suck anyways....:) I could stop at a roadside vendors shop and buy my gear & a few beers at my leisure, get a tan, have a sleep etc.... and it would still be faster than I am now at looting. :)

last edited by Psycho at 02:12:16 03/Aug/17
Posted 09:38am 03/8/17
I normally hate these types of games, but i really like it. It gets pretty intense and sometimes it great doing stupid s*** and getting away with it.
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