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Descent, as in the '90s shooter that elevated feelings of vertigo and spacial confusion to new heights? Yep. Descent, where you pilot a spaceship with full movement and rotation through space mines and underground space installations to collect keys and hopefully not get lost. Also, a game that was amazingly fun to play in multiplayer. Descent: Underground is its modern spiritual successor.

Oh, and if you were a console gamer in the '90s think Forsaken.

A true first person shooter deserves all six degrees of freedom. Fight through twisting tunnels & vast caverns where the concepts of up and down mean nothing and danger lurks around every corner. This is Descent: Underground!

Descent: Underground is a both a prequel to the Descent series and a modernization of the original game play. We’re staying true to the original flight mechanics, arcade style combat, and tightly twisting map design while taking it to the next level!

Currently available via Steam Early Access, a limited and free demo is now available for you to try out thanks to the BrightLocker service. Which you can check out here.

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