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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:42pm 26/07/17 | 10 Comments
With community manager Lylirra taking to the forums to post that "effective immediately, we will be issuing increased penalties to players in response to verified reports of bad behavior". What sort of penalties? Well they'll come in three flavours: silence, suspension, and a complete ban from playing Overwatch.

Which raises the second question, what sort of behaviour would trigger a response from Blizzard? According to the post that would be "anything from abusive chat, harassment, in-game spam, match inactivity (being intentionally AFK), and griefing". Which will be based on the in-game reporting system.

Blizzard is working hard to ensure that playing Overwatch is an inviting and welcoming environment as possible and plans to step up and continue to improve its responses to bad behaviour in the coming months. Also it still plans on bringing a reporting system to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

No word yet if a team member picking Hanzo when the group clearly needs a healer will result in a suspension. Because, you know, it should.

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Posted 09:41pm 26/7/17
The Australian servers might finally be quiet enough for me to come back...
Posted 11:38pm 26/7/17
lost a match yesterday and a manchild started screaming non-stop, just had to take off my phones. ELO hell is full of toxic players
Posted 12:17am 27/7/17
you know you can mute specific players
Posted 04:41am 27/7/17
so easy to just mute players
Posted 11:30am 27/7/17
Good news is now you can mute AND report!
Posted 11:43am 27/7/17
im going to report anyone who takes me out mid alt as pharah.
Posted 07:36pm 27/7/17
So basically they might as well suspend or ban half of the entire OW community. OW is full of toxic gamers. The Quickplay is generally very good, but I find that Competitive is horrible, especially for solo queue players.
It seems like the go to action for any losing OW team is for some barely-finished-school teen to go ballistic and basically place the entire blame on an arbitrary team member...often the solo queue player for obvious reasons...all the while the kid will be playing as a sniper character miles from objective. OW Comp is very tiring.
Posted 07:50pm 27/7/17
I haven't played OW but Dota has the same problem I think - muting is too passive a response to toxicity and often a report is too much. There is (afaik) no feedback loop to muted players to encourage them to moderate their behaviour.

I have a pretty low bar for muting - as soon as players demonstrate they're likely to be not pleasant to play with, I tell them they're muted and mute them immediately. The mental overhead of putting up with them is simply not worth the near-zero cost of muting them.

I think players that are muted should be notified they've been muted through some mechanism, and if they're continually muted above a certain point, there should be some further scrutiny applied to their account - muted by default or censored by default or something.

(I have recently started playing a bit of CS again and I'm amazed that they basically seem to have just thrown their hands in the air with this one and said f***it, let's let everyone do whatever they want on this issue)
Posted 10:30am 28/7/17
Yeah, I don't think its specifically an Overwatch problem, I think its just an internet problem. Its also probably a case of you remember the toxic douchebags more than all the players that aren't toxic douchebags, so it feels like they're a larger proportion of the player base than they actually are.

I like that they're adding the notification where you see some feedback when someone you reported has action taken against them, because that seemed to be one of the biggest complaints I had seen, that people had given up reporting because they felt like it was having no impact. Now that you'll get direct feedback about the impact you're having, people will hopefully be more likely to report douchebags instead of giving up
Posted 01:27pm 28/7/17
W Comp is very tiring.

Agreed... Just got off another match with a mercy who did nothing but shoot his pistol. In fact, the rein was complaining about not getting heals and my default thought was just that the rein was being toxic... Nope, the mercy actually did zero (0) healing

Not sure what the bell curve is for players in OW, what SR do you need to stop encountering this s***?
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