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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:23pm 13/07/17 | 4 Comments
Last year the DOTA 2 International Championships set a record for the largest ever esports prize pool of $20,770,460. Yeah, that's quite the number. With a percentage of the proceeds from Battle Pass sales going towards the number, this year is already on track to surpass last year's record. In that it has done so already.

With several more weeks of sales still to go. You can check out the current prize pool figure, and get more info on this year's Battle Pass here. Which includes the first to Acts of the DOTA 2 multiplayer campaign Slitbreaker.

And for a more detailed breakdown of the money raised this year compared to the past few, head here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:30pm 13/7/17
Bring it on! I am off to Hamburg later in the year to go to the ESL One Hamburg 2017 Dota event; looking forward to it. Being at the International would be a blast.
Sir Redhat
Posted 06:46pm 13/7/17
Anyone know why there's a LoL scene in Australia but no dota? Dota has way more cash.

Ana is the only pro Aussie I've heard of and he had to move overseas to make a go of the pro scene.
Posted 12:53am 14/7/17
Did League get local servers before Dota?
Posted 05:07am 14/7/17
LoL - ewwww..... I was reading an article (can't remember where), that said while DOTA has more prize money in it's tournament, there's actually less money for people outside of the top top tier.

So if you win a major tournie you'll be doing OK for yourself, but otherwise your income is virtually non-existent. LoL and other esports tend to have lower prize pools, but a better support for players. SOUNDS LIKE COMMUNISM!!
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