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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:26pm 06/07/17 | 2 Comments
With the recent announcement that Nintendo will be releasing a SNES Classic Mini later this year, one of the big surprises was that it would include the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. And so we decided to bring back our award winning* Throwback Thursday column for a closer look at Star Fox 2. Including, an entire play-through of the game.

In many ways, the Super FX chip was the Super Nintendo’s answer to the onslaught of oncoming 3D games, the PC market, and all of the additional Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis) hardware add-ons that were being released at the time. Sitting comfortably next to game data as part of a Super Nintendo cartridge, the Super FX chip introduced a RISC processor that could be used for any number of functions, including the rendering of 3D polygons. By no means a lot of polygons, but just enough to be technically impressive. In a partnership with Nintendo, Argonaut Games showcased the new technology with the release of 1993’s Star Fox – or as it was known in Australia, Starwing.

Click Here to Read Throwback Thursday - Star Fox 2 (1995)

* - Award still pending.

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Posted 11:04pm 07/7/17
Already played it years ago, it can be found on torrent sites and works perfectly with your favourite SNES emulator.

It did feel a little bit unfinished, I loved the original but this was a tad underwhelming. I'm guessing it would have been better than the first had they not abandoned it.
Posted 01:25am 08/7/17
Apparently it was complete, but the rom that's floating around is an earlier version that was only like 80 - 90% done, so could be the SNES mini version is gonna be different to the rom
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