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The city sim genre is one that we never grow tired of, especially when games like Aven Colony are being made. From developer Mothership Entertainment, Aven Colony looks to the stars and lets players explore and colonise alien worlds -- whilst dealing with food shortages, harsh winters, alien infestations, and whether or not building a VR centre would be better for morale than developing happy drugs with a few 'slight' side-effects.

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In Aven Colony, robots will not only construct new buildings and walkways and farms and mining facilities, they’ll also act as law enforcement. Human scientists will spend the time to research local plant-life to figure out if it can be turned into some form of bread, drink, or nutrient-based item. Where, being able to sustain life is the starting point, and freedom of choice, lifestyle, and entertainment in the form of VR centres soon become priorities for maintaining or retaining any semblance of a real society. Aven Colony’s foundation is solid, and from a science-fiction standpoint presents one of the most interesting strategy/sim premises in a while.

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