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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:27pm 04/07/17 | 4 Comments
Starting tomorrow at 11pm AEST. What's ESO Plus? Well, remember how The Elder Scrolls Online began as subscription-based game and then changed to a buy once, play forever deal? ESO plus is the subscription-based portion of the game that gives players access to all DLC content like Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Shadows of the Hist. Plus, stuff like huge stash spaces, Crowns to spend in the Crown Store, and being able to carry an unlimited amount of crafting materials.

Which means if you happened to get back into the game thanks to the recent, and very good, Morrowind expansion you can take your Warden and enroll them into both the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. Nice.

  • Simply log into The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Navigate to the Crown Store
  • View the ‘Featured’ category
  • Find and select the ESO Plus Free Trial

And voila, you'll be starting a life of crime and assassination in no time. Even if you've been the good Warden.

I guess this means I'll no longer be able to (ethically) don the Scarlet Judge costume anymore.

Who am I kidding, I'll never take it off. The Scarlet Judge will henceforth be known for killing as opposed for saving towns from corrupt officials and rich a**holes.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:17pm 04/7/17
I'm on NA server sometimes. If you want lighting for your house, potions, or food items. I make high end each. I'm basically at the point where I'm just playing the "stockmarket".

Loading up Guild-stores with items (i craft/find) and selling them. I log on for a couple hours a week.
Posted 12:53pm 05/7/17
So after the trial, I keep the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild DLC for ever?
Posted 05:19pm 05/7/17
nope, you can even have been subscribed for years and as soon as it lapses you lose that content.
Posted 07:40pm 05/7/17
Mine has lapsed. I can't access many areas. I could subscribe again, but too busy at moment to play it much. My map:


Bonus. Nmag's lighting emporium. 20% off for all Ausgamer Members. Limit 2 per customer.

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