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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:47pm 30/06/17 | 1 Comments
One of the more impressive games on display at this year's E3 wasn't from any of the major publishers or developers, rather it came from FOCUS Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios (Blood Bowl, Styx) and their humble floor space. Call of Cthulhu -- a digital reimagining of the pen and paper classic, came with an innovative punch we honestly weren't expecting, and managed to impress us more than many of the big Triple-As blazing about the show...

Here's a snippet from our in-depth look at the game:
For example, you can increase (and gain) phobias based on your investigation and discoveries -- replete with deductions that can be failed, thusly affecting your psyche (phobias, as exampled here, included) -- so you will get stronger the more you investigate, but there’s a dynamic trade-off. If claustrophobia strikes you, and becomes amplified through said investigation, then hiding from any of the aforementioned ‘unkillable’ gods in tight spaces isn’t going to work for you. Your heart rate elevates, your breathing intensifies and you’ll be forced from your hidey hole -- potentially in front of the very thing frightening you. It’s a fantastic system, and isn’t locked down from a canned perspective, stemming instead from how you go about your own gameplay. At this stage, the dynamism is game-changing, and while we’ve had confirmation there are four different endings, how you get there will all be determined by how you choose to play the game.
Click here for our Call of Cthulhu E3 impressions.

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Did anyone ever play the pen and paper classic?
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