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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:18pm 29/06/17 | 5 Comments
The Star Card modifier system from the first Star Wars Battlefront is making a return in the sequel, but in a form that will be familiar to anyone who's played a game released in the last twelve months or so -- loot boxes. Or, loot crates. Or, things you open that contain random things of different rarity.

The folks over at BattlefrontUpdates posted the following in partnership with EA to give us an early look at how it will work.

Loot crates as seen above, are obtained either via completing objectives like logging in each day or via credits. With the latter being the main way to get them. As with Star Wars Battlefront credits are dished out after each match, plus they'll also be options in the Loot Crates themselves.

With the rarity system and some of the bonus damage numbers looking pretty huge, the Star Card system looks to be something that could shift an encounter in your favour. Especially if you have a legendary version of a modifier. But, as what we see here is from the Alpha version of the game expect some changes before the November release date.

Star Wars Battlefront II releases this November for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Now, here's to the addition of skins into the loot crates. Because I wants a Darth Maul dressed up like a Samurai. Or, cheerleader.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:12pm 29/6/17
I don't like the card system : /

Drop boxs, packs, loot boxes etc I don't mind. BF1 has them.
Posted 02:38pm 29/6/17
It just sounds complicated now. I just want to shoot people not open f*****g boxes for random s***.
Posted 03:22pm 29/6/17
I guess this is the trade off for getting free maps, RNG loot boxes. Hopefully there will at the very least be some sort of salvaging system to cahs in duplicates for credits. Either way, if this game doesn't have a server browser like the last one ii'm not going to bother with it.
Posted 11:24am 02/7/17
You can buy the boxes, well the credits, for real money. No thank you considering that the loot crates contain gameplay altering items that is some clear EA pay-to-win.
Posted 01:16pm 02/7/17
I guess its more "Pay for a chance to win" since you could drop real money and still get nothing useful due to the RNG. Yeah, its not great, but it sounds like stuff is pretty easy to get just from playing the game, so I can probably get over it if the rest of everything is as good as it looks. Scrubs who have to drop real money to get their s*** are still gonna be scrubs, a few upgraded abilities or weapons wont help them that much.

If the choice is between paying for maps and splitting the playerbase, or loot crates, I'm ok with loot crates
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