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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:42pm 14/06/17 | 4 Comments
With early access to the upcoming beta. Now, based on the current prices for the GeForce 1080 series (between $750 - $1200) this might not seem like the best deal in the world, but it definitely gives us a lot more confidence in how Destiny 2 will look and feel on PC. In addition to the announcement, Nvidia has posted a 4K 60fps video of the game running on PC hardware.

Which is impressive because the console versions, according to Bungie, will be locked to 30fps regardless of the resolution. Or whether or not it's being played on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Oh, and before you jump to conclusions the PC version will ship with a FOV slider.


Destiny 2 has a console launch date of September 6 with the PC version due October 24.

Note: Head to Nividia's promo page for more details on eligible brands and partners.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:45pm 14/6/17
Sure that is a PC demo movement looks very console (S***)
Posted 06:46pm 14/6/17
Yeah definitely plugged in a xbox/ps4 controller in order to make that PC demo.
The slow, on-rails look is always a great way to sell a game.
Posted 06:29am 15/6/17
I never played the first one but this looks boring to me for some reason. I don't think the A.I. looks too cool either, its never a good thing when enemies run directly into the path of gunfire, THEN stand there, whilst another is already getting mowed down. :)
Posted 10:17am 15/6/17
I dunno how it'll translate to PC, but I played the original on PS4 and for all its flaws it did have really, really solid feeling gunplay. Very satisfying combat, and extremely satisfying feedback on nailing headshots, it was pretty fun. I lost interest when it became a big loot grind, but still put a fair few hours into it and had a fair bit of fun with it, enough to be at least interested enough to see how the second one turns out
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