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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:22pm 29/05/17 | 3 Comments
The Necromancer is all set to re-join the fight against the Prime Evil later this year when the new class is released as part of a DLC pack for Blizzard's Diablo III. As a huge fan of the series I was able to spend considerable time with the Necromancer Closed Beta and play around with all the legendary items and sets of that make up this re-imagined version of the Diablo Necromancer.

A look at the melee version of the Necromancer, surrounded by spinning bones. Naturally.

For fans of the series the introduction of the Necromancer class into Diablo III is a big deal. How the Necromancer Pack for Diablo III will ultimately be received will boil down to how well the team nails inserting the fan-favourite practitioner of the dark arts into the game. Even for those unfamiliar with previous games in the series, it’s not hard to see why being able to command an army of the undead has been on many a wish list.

After spending several hours playing with the Necromancer class in the Closed Beta, it’s safe to say that the team at Blizzard are certainly on the right track – even if at times it feels like they’re playing it a little too safe.

Click Here to Read Our Hands-On Preview of the Diablo III Necromancer

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:59pm 29/5/17
How about showing us a LOW level necro instead of a paragon 87!
Posted 10:13pm 29/5/17
WTB beta access :(
Posted 10:50pm 29/5/17
That's still a low-ish level... kinda... to give us a feel of the items and sets there's a special vendor in town that sells everything for a few hundred blood shards... so with full sets getting to 87 was quick
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