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Pitting state against state is a long and proud tradition that as Australians we're always more than happy to get behind, even outside of the wide world of sports. Riot Games Oceania is holding the League of Origin from 2PM AEST on June 3-4 where the top Oceanic Pro League (OPL) and Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS) pro players from NSW, QLD, VIC, and NZ will go head to head.

Yeah, that's right. New Zealand. Which raises the question, would you rather see NSW or NZ win? A tough one to be sure. And the rivalry has already begun with Region Selector Cameron 'Crunch' Russell (NZ) stating, "There's always something to prove in the Australian/New Zealand rivalry, so when it comes to League of Origin you're certainly going to see the strength of Kiwi patriotism in backing our team."

To quote the immortal Yosemite Sam, "Them's Fighting Words!"

With the Aussies responding in kind.

"I’d call us the underdogs in this story," says Zack 'Rusty' Pye (QLD). "We had a limited player pool to choose from, names that may not compare in magnitude to some of our opponents. But we’re still Queensland."

"The past decade has seen a lot of Maroon victories,” says Matthew 'Fish' Stewart (NSW). "This time the Blues will be leading the pack, and we will take NZ and VIC as collateral damage along the way!"

"Mid lane is so stacked in Victoria," Jake 'Spawn' Tiberi (VIC). "It's kind of insane that the three I rate the highest in the OPL are all from my home state!"

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 4pm, for $15 each day. Head to oce.lolesports.com for more info.

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