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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:54pm 15/05/17 | 1 Comments
Developer Pixel Titans' Strafe has been on our radar, or in our cross-hairs, for quite a while. Thanks in part to a clever marketing campaign that has embraced the VHS golden-era of the 1990s. So, after spending time with the final game, we're ready to press eject (after rewinding the tape of course) to bring you our review.

Sadly, we had mixed feelings about this one. A game that has gotten it's fair share of praise and criticism.

Being difficult shouldn’t be a detriment to how a game like Strafe is ultimately perceived. Especially for a FPS that aims to capture the look and feel of the ‘90s – something which the marketing campaign for the game latched onto in creative ways. But there are times where Strafe’s difficulty veers off into the realm of the frustrating due to what feel like poor choices in design. Or simply, an incomplete game released too soon.

Then there are the conscious design choices that initially feel at odds with the style of game you’re playing. A style that is very much communicated via the ‘90s aesthetic and the pacing that implies an experience where what you need to be doing is running, jumping, shooting, and yes, strafing. Sadly, the early parts of the game are best played cautiously, where items should be used strategically, and preparing for an ambush is par for the course. So less Quake, and more, well, something else.

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Posted 09:17pm 15/5/17
I came to similar conclusions. I felt like they were trying to mimic Quake-era shooters but failed to take away lessons from the really, really good ones in that realm. The weapons continue to be a huge disappointment to me.

e-also typo in the first sentence, monsters are wont to do things not want
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