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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:38pm 11/05/17 | 1 Comments
The Mass Effect Andromeda launch was not without its problems. In addition to mixed reviews a number of the in-game characters, cinematics, and animations, quickly became the butt of many an online joke. Because, well, they looked weird. Since launch EA and BioWare have been hard at work patching and improving the game, placing particular focus on stuff like animation. The latest 1.06 Patch is no different, but a new report over at Kotaku also has the Mass Effect series "on hiatus".

And the development studio, BioWare Montreal, downsized to a support studio. Where stuff like patching Mass Effect Andromeda will continue, as well as assisting other EA studios with development. Downsizing or a reshuffling of resources after the release of a big game is not uncommon, in fact its usually business as usual. But the word that the Mass Effect series is being put on hold is a shame. If true. Again, the report is from "people familiar with the studio", so there's a chance that some of it might be a simple misreading of the situation.

In the meantime though each new patch for Mass Effect Andromeda has been slowly improving the overall experience, and you can check out the latest 1.06 Patch Notes here.

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Posted 07:30pm 11/5/17
Why they allowed a different team than what made ME 1-3 is beyond me... Bloody B squad
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