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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:46am 09/05/17 | 4 Comments
Okay, so this one has a bit of history. The developers of the original Dead Island, Techland, were originally slated to work on the sequel before moving onto the excellent Dying Light for Warner Bros. Development duties then shifted to Yager Development who worked on the sequel for a number of years before its version being shelved prior to its planned 2015 release date. And from there...

Development duties shifted once again, this time to Sumo Digital. Publisher Deep Silver and Yager parted ways, with the latter ending up closing down, and the world pretty much moved on chalking this one up to being cancelled. Not so says Deep Silver, who in a statement to Eurogamer noted that "Dead Island 2 is in development at Sumo Digital, and we are excited by the progress the team are making with Deep Silver’s most successful IP."

Which comes after a year or so of silence about the game's progress. Well no news since development duties shifted to Sumo Digital. No word on a release date or when we'd get our first glimpse at the new Dead Island 2 -- but hopefully its sooner rather than later. Also, this news kind of makes us wonder what the talented team at Techland are cooking up. Dying Light 2 perhaps?

Anyway, here's a look at the cancelled Dead Island 2 circa Gamescom 2014.

dead island 2deep silverdevelopment

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Posted 11:40am 11/5/17
I wonder if this will basically be the patch for the original Dead Island that was essentially publicised as "not happening".

I gave up on Techland as a developer when the original arrived, they released a day 1 patch which essentially 'broke' any audio output from any USB Logitech Audio device (loud intermittent static at the end of essentially any audio effect; it was painfully deafening) and then promptly stated that it wasn't their problem and moved on.

I'd known some of their games in the past had some problems; but there was usually enough charm to overcome that (the first Call of Juarez was an excellent example of this), but this just sucked. It made the game instantly unplayable.
Posted 01:54pm 11/5/17
I played the s*** out of Dead Island 1. So please by all means...
Posted 07:47pm 11/5/17
One of the very very few single player games I've played & enjoyed in the last few years was Dead Island. It got a bit grindy but was otherwise really cool. Would be keen for a sequel.
Posted 07:57pm 11/5/17
Im hoping Dying Light 2 is coming. The first was amazing.
If you like Dead Island you should probably play it.
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