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When it comes to Hearthstone one of the great things about the game and each new adventure, or expansion, is the sense of fun and playfulness that the team seems to be having when dealing with the greater Warcraft Universe. In speaking with Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode recently, I asked him about some of the more outlandish ideas that the teams has had.

    AusGamers: There's a sense of playfulness that I really love about Hearthstone, because you've gone 70s disco and then gritty back street crime story. And now dinosaurs. Are there any more out-there pitches that have kind of just maybe hung around for a while or been rejected completely?

    Ben Brode: Definitely, yeah. I mean, I don't want to tell you about the ones that have hung around for a while in case we actually do them. But reject them completely, certainly, yeah.

    AG: Space?

    BB: Litch King versus Battle Pets was one that we had rejected completely. Warcraft Babies is another one that we briefly considered.

    AG: Like what, Muppet Babies?

    BB: Yeah, like Muppet Babies. I think it's trying to figure out where the line is for charming and fun but also [something that] still feels Warcraft-y. And the funny thing is, sometimes we'll discount an idea and then realise, actually there's another version of that. There's something fun about it, so let's go back and explore that one piece of it.

Check back tomorrow for my extended chat with Blizzard's Ben Brode, talking everything Hearthstone. And his brief stint as a rapper.

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Ben Brode, the man with the greatest laugh ever
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