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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:54pm 05/05/17 | 0 Comments
About a month ago Reddit user Khemist49 posted a picture of a Gold Master Source Code disc for Blizzard's StarCraft asking people if they knew anything about it. Turns out Blizzard knew quite a lot about it as they were under the impression that it had been stolen and missing for many years now. And so they got in contact with Khemist49 and in exchange for the return of the long-lost artifact gave him a free copy of Overwatch and some store credit. But, that was just the beginning.

Since then Blizzard got into touch with Khemist49 and thanked them for returning the disc, offering to fly them to this year's Blizzcon (all expenses paid) and spend some quality time with the developers. Pretty awesome response right? Not only that, but a very cool package came in the mail too -- chock full of Overwatch and Diablo loot.

A happy ending to be sure. Except for the fact that a number of Reddit users were upset that the disc was returned, as opposed to ripped and leaked online. So much so that it sparked some negative comments aimed at both Blizzard and Khemist49. Basically, standard internet response.

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