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Non-profit organisation CheckPoint has launched a Kickstarter campaign today for a new webseries that aims to help those with mental health issues using the power of videogames. The webseries aims to not only feature input from leading mental healthcare professionals but also experiences from people in the game industry ranging from developers to content creators.

The series will be split into two parts, the first focusing on mental health as a broader subject and the second investigating how videogames can be used to promote well-being.

Josh Scherr, writer of the award-winning Uncharted series for Naughty Dog, said: "I first became familiar with Dr. Jennifer Hazel's work after watching her presentation from the 2017 Game Developer's Conference entitled 'Invent a Game, Reinvent Yourself.' As someone who not only plays video games, makes video games, and dealt with a nasty panic disorder, the presentation spoke to me - and it's something I wish I'd seen back in 2001, when I was going through the worst of it.
"Feelings of shame, fear, and helplessness are all too common among those suffering from mental health issues; often, it makes taking that first step towards seeking help incredibly difficult. Easy to access resources, such as this video series, are often invaluable in helping people get past that initial hurdle, and as such, can be life-changing (if not outright life-saving).
"Having since met Jennifer and spoken with her at length, it's safe to say she's incredibly passionate about her work and dedicated to making people's lives better. I hope you'll consider supporting her project, and I hope this series will encourage people struggling with mental illness to seek the help they need."

Mental health is a very serious issue, across the globe, and this sounds like a great project to spread awareness and understanding. As of writing the campaign has hit AU$ 5,725 of the AU$ 55,000 goal. So be sure to head on over and contribute what you can.

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