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Post by Joaby @ 10:04am 04/05/17 | 16 Comments
As we already revealed, we spoke with Raphael Colantonio earlier this week about Arkane's newest game Prey. As well as talking about the absent PC demo, we also spoke to the co-creative director at Arkane about the challenges of creating systems heavy games, how plot can better fit into games and more.

One thing which was particularly interesting - the GLOO cannon, which allows players to do everything from freeze alien baddies to climb walls they shouldn't be traversing, was almost cut from the game.

The GLOO cannon had a programmer pretty much full-time on it. It used to be even more versatile, you could literally build bridges. But it was not good for performance, not necessarily good for gameplay.

It's a tool that I personally tried to kill many times and Ricardo Bare, the lead designer, was really insisting on keeping it. So he was right.

Read the full interview for more details and stayed tuned to AusGamers for our review, which will be up as soon as possible.

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Posted 10:13am 04/5/17
Posted 09:25am 05/5/17
Did they send out review copies? Doesn't seem to be any reviews out for it anywhere yet, I'm wondering if its an embargo or the same deal where they're not sending out review copies
Posted 10:39am 05/5/17
I got a copy yesterday at around midday. Played about 12 hours of it now. I love it. And I haven't even gotten up to the bit that they let us playthrough in the second preview session. I know s*** is going to change (and i suspect it will change again after that) but I'm loving it too much as it currently is to want to force myself to speed towards it.

Performance wise it runs perfectly for me. I have it installed on an SSD, i have a i5 4670K, 16GB of ram, GTX 1070 and it has never dipped below 60fps. Alt tabs nicely, loads quickly, plays well.
Posted 12:30pm 05/5/17
Did they send out review copies? Doesn't seem to be any reviews out for it anywhere yet, I'm wondering if its an embargo or the same deal where they're not sending out review copies

bethesda doesn't send out early review copies anymore.
Posted 12:41pm 05/5/17
played about 90 mins this morning, so i'm almost upto the demo/game point of no refund

good game so far. it's got some good colour design that isn't an intensely bright range and the levels feel very crafted in the way similar to a Valve game

the gadgets seem pretty good and the models are interestingly detailed

the memory playback scenes have just started, the computer/world interactions are really clean and well thought out

it's a nicely crafted game, i'll probably keep playing it for the story even though it hasn't really grabbed me as great story/character development just yet

last edited by trillion at 12:41:20 05/May/17
Posted 12:52pm 05/5/17
Sounds promising!
Posted 02:07pm 05/5/17
Is it overly heavy on the jump scares? Thats probably the biggest criticism I've seen around the place
Posted 02:26pm 05/5/17
Soooo the speech was working okay for you guys? Wasn't for me and apparently they released it with the speech files missing. I'd love to check to see if they fix it but now the game won't even start up. Got the latest drivers of course.
Posted 03:24pm 05/5/17
Haven't had any issues with speechifying. All good over on my end. I know crash1337 was having problems with volume, but he still had the files. Maybe do a verify?

The nature of the mimics means that there are a few jump scares at first, but you pretty quickly stop giving a f*** about mimics. And the real nasty s*** doesn't seem to operate via jump scares. Proper real tension and s***.

I'm in love with this game. 12 hours in now.
Posted 03:39pm 05/5/17
Tried a verify with no effect. Googling seemed to indicate it may be a corrupted profile so I deleted it also with no effect. Uninstalled and will try downloading the game again.
Posted 03:48pm 05/5/17
Try turning down the other audio in the game, see if you're just having trouble hearing speech. That's what crash did.
Posted 06:19pm 05/5/17
no problem with any speech audio not playing, did you first notice it in the lab testing area where they're questioning you or at the big guy in reception?

anyway maybe just check all your sound device properties... if you're plugged in through an external mic or just straight from the soundcard there might be some mixing issues with the game not binding the output to the right device

or if you have any software running bg that hook's the audio device and isn't releasing it the way that Prey need's to layer that channel in there?

dunno, weird

Posted 07:09pm 05/5/17
Yep enjoying it very much, just had my first zero G excursion. I altered the fov though to my liking. A slider is planned in a forthcoming patch but easy enough to alter your config
Posted 09:22pm 05/5/17
Also you might want to increase your Maxfps limit as well, changed mine to just below the refresh rate of 165hz. I was constantly hitting 144fps and the Gsync was cutting off because...hmmm much betterer now , me rikey. :)
Posted 07:32am 06/5/17
Dammit, why do you hype me so Joaby. Is it basically BioShock but more space?
Posted 06:45pm 06/5/17
Worlds colliding! I follow a channel on Youtube called Pretty Good Gaming, they do gaming news/podcasts, and their video today about Prey references back to this interview! Was pretty cool I thought

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