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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:05pm 01/05/17 | 8 Comments
Which is an impressive number, even if there's no indication of how many of those are still active players. But you'd have to think that it's a large portion. Not that it's any sort of accurate measurement, but the fact that I'm still playing regularly after a year, says a lot. Mainly because I find it hard to stick with one game for longer than a couple of months at most. Unless that game features the word Diablo or Fallout in the title.

The announcement comes during the last day of the Uprising Event, which introduced a fantastic co-op mode. One that we hope starts a trend for all upcoming events. And with 30 million registered players 2017 shows no sign of slowing down for Overwatch with three new maps coming this year -- plus the upcoming spectacle of the Overwatch World Cup. Where Australia has seeded at number 13 out of a possible 32.


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Posted 06:14pm 01/5/17
Quake champions has just reminded me how slow and boring OW is and how we as gamers have been starved of a fast paced arena style shooter for far to long.

( even though they are not really the same they will be fighting for the same market share and to become the next big esport )
Posted 07:52pm 01/5/17
really? quake champions reminded me of how old and boring arena shooters are :( unfortunately theyre a relic from the past. i dont care much for overwatch, but the answer isnt quake champions.
Posted 09:46pm 01/5/17
Love Overwatch, its pretty much the only competitive multiplayer game I've enjoyed enough to sink a significant amount of time into since the days of RTCW or BF1942 or DoD 1.3

Except my internet is busted so I didn't get to play the Uprising event :(
Posted 06:41am 02/5/17
overwatch is fricken awesome.

i tried to hate blizzard (obviously for the wow), but god damn ow is just so damn polished and super balanced.
Posted 09:45am 02/5/17
Overwatch is a great game with an utterly toxic community of players. I'm torn :/ It's an example of a products fans making you want nothing to do with a great product :(
Posted 02:02pm 02/5/17
The toxic players are in minority but with the game being so reliant on all 6 players contributing (and hard to solo-carry), 1 toxic player on the team can totally ruin it. Add in the visible rank that moves down faster than up and you have a recipe for some volatile matches :)
Posted 02:23pm 02/5/17
toxic players will be in any popular thing.
Its nowhere near as bad as CS / COD communities
Posted 05:53am 03/5/17
i havent found the community that bad, but have been playing mostly pickup games. does seem to be a bit lamer with the pro games.
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