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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:25pm 24/04/17 | 10 Comments
After speculation and a teaser from Activision that the next Sledgehammer Games developed Call of Duty would see the series return to its roots comes confirmation that Call of Duty: WWII is happening. Coming later this year (with a rumoured release date of November 3), the game will take place during the second World War. A full reveal is set to happen at 3AM on April 27 this week.

Here's the confirmation.

After the success of Battlefield 1's return to the early parts of the 20th century, a new World War II game feels like the right move for the next Call of Duty. Like a pendulum that swung away from classically-set shooters to the more current-day futuristic setting of recent years, World War II in gaming is fresh again.

Leaked marketing material suggest that the game will feature both co-op and a mission or set piece around D-Day.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:06pm 24/4/17
I approve.

Posted 07:17pm 25/4/17
Kinda be interested to see what a return to the original CoD missions would look like on a modern engine as a AAA title.
Posted 08:24am 26/4/17
D-Day missions are always cool. You could probably do an entire game just on the D-day landings and setting up of the beach head and pushing back the Wehrmacht.
Posted 12:23pm 26/4/17
Oh the war that according to movies only the US was fighting. If they could actually have other countries units usable not just yanks that would be great.
Posted 03:15pm 26/4/17
Exactly. I would like to play one of the many polish resistances for example. Or the French, or the Russians, maybe some flying with the English? So much more history than just yanks.
Posted 09:29am 27/4/17
Posted 09:30am 27/4/17
Oh look, another omaha beach landing, never played that in a game before.

Maybe I'm not in the majority, or maybe COD players just mostly weren't old enough to play games the first time we went through the WW2 phase, but I'm personally still sick of it as a setting for games.
Posted 05:59pm 27/4/17
Yes yes yes...another game made about France because they need to sell this crap to American audiences.
Look I'm sure it will revive memories of COD1, WaW and MoH:AA, but it looks dated already.

Activision have literally just gone this way because they know it was the obvious next spot for the BF franchise.

I don't mind WW2 at all, but I'd much rather see East Front, Pacific Theatre, German theatre, than another France/USA USA USA clone.
Posted 06:13pm 27/4/17
i was excited for a new WW2 game but that trailer was kinda meh.
Posted 01:37am 28/4/17
Look I'm sure it will revive memories of COD1, WaW and MoH:AA, but it looks dated already.
agree :(
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