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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:09pm 20/04/17 | 8 Comments
Calling all Space Marines, Orks, and weird psychic alien Eldar. Thanks to Sega and the fine folks at Five Star Games we've got five copies of the Limited Edition of the upcoming Dawn of War III to give away -- which includes the full game in a premium case, the official game soundtrack, and exclusive lenticular card. All you need to do to go in the running, is answer a simple question.

That being,

If you were thrust into the world of Dawn of War III, which race would you side with (Space Marine, Ork, or Eldar) and why?

Okay, not so simple. But to be in the running head on over to the competition page to get your entry in. Also get in quick because the competition closes on the day Dawn of War III is released, April 27.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:10pm 20/4/17
Yeah pretty pumped for this. Have downloaded the multiplayer beta and am ready for the weekend!
Posted 03:51pm 21/4/17
Anyone won any of these comps that ausgamers hosts?
Posted 03:57pm 21/4/17
Yeah I've won before, gotta be in it to win it!
Posted 04:33pm 21/4/17
hey how did you download beta off steam? i did apply for it but got no emails

Edit: got my key :)
Posted 07:45am 24/4/17
I got a T shirt and a mouse pad that gave me scabies.
Posted 10:36am 24/4/17
Cool, I've never seen winners advertised and I've never won or heard of anyone winning (until now).

I have gotten free giveaway from ausgamers before. One time I got a bag with a massive mouse pad in it, just awesome.
Posted 05:04pm 27/4/17
Congrats to the winners, some pretty good entries in there!
Posted 09:57am 28/4/17
Who the f*** were the winners?
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