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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:06pm 18/04/17 | 9 Comments
I'm still holding out until I get my hands on a final copy of the game, because the substance might be there given the breadth of content announced, but Wicked Witch's official debut trailer for this year's AFL Evolution really doesn't sell the game as being in any form of Triple-A realm.

There's clearly budgetary constraints, though the AFL should have sunk more into the game given the record-breaking media rights deal they sorted out last year, and as mentioned in the OP, judgement needs to be reserved, but the debut trailer for AFL Evolution leaves a lot to be visually desired.

What is fantastic, however, is the trailer does tease the Woman's comp being added to the final retail version of the game, which cannot be overlooked. Hopefully there's plenty of depth to the game, but so far, it's not looking great.

Your thoughts?

afl evolutiondebut trailer

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Posted 05:37pm 18/4/17
Not sure if anyone should expect an AFL game or even a rugby game to really be in the "Triple-A realm", the money in local game devs just isn't there for a wide release console/PC game. FIFA/NBA2K/Madden, these games look great and feel great because they cost millions to make.
Even compare PES to FIFA...some people whinge about PES because the graphics/animations/User Interface/smoothness/soundtrack aren't really top notch, and the PES budget would be huge compared to any AFL game dev's budget.
I think the best for an AFL game would be to have a game that is bug-free and captures the essence and technical side of the sport which includes providing an AI that is up to scratch...which has been sorely lacking in previous AFL titles.
Posted 06:04pm 18/4/17
The only way it'll get good is if they stick with it for a few years and keep improving the core engine/animation... otherwise someone will need to cough up millions to ensure it can sit next to other high profile sports games
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:20pm 18/4/17
I think it's genuinely time the AFL chipped in some money. It would help with quality, and a quality product would result in sales. There's enough money in their kitty to invest, too.
Posted 08:12pm 18/4/17
For whatever reason, I can't imagine any NRL/AFL game selling a lot of copies.
Posted 11:01pm 18/4/17
I have to agree 100% though that the AFL should chip in for such a game.
However, these fat bastards just know that their brand will grow regardless of a game, so they simply take the money and buy champagne for their box seats.
Posted 07:53pm 19/4/17
and a quality product would result in sales
How many though, Australia is pretty much the only market for an AFL game, and how many copies does something like FIFA sell in Australia? That seems like it would be a best case scenario.
Posted 08:31pm 19/4/17
I dunno, if they made it an absolute killer game that was genuinely awesome to see and fun to play, it could open AFL up to all these international markets - perhaps more so than anything else these days. I agree their core audience is probably not enough to justify a huge investment on the AFL's part but looking at it from an investment in the game point of view I think it has pretty amazing growth potential for the AFL as an sport and an organisation.
Posted 06:28am 20/4/17
market just isnt there, even a killer game would get no interest outside of australia.

Posted 07:42am 20/4/17
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