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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:28pm 10/04/17 | 3 Comments
And so after waiting many months for the glorious return of the 3D platformer, here's our review of Yooka-Layle. And just when you were wondering what a new 3D platformer for ex-Rare developers who worked on many of the classic titles from the N64-era would look like, comes the answer. Something almost identical. With Yooka-Laylee being Banjo Threeie in all-but name only.

From navigating the menu to that first moment you take control of both Yooka and Laylee, it’s hard not to shake the sense that you’re playing a game from a different era. Bright worlds to explore, colourful characters to talk to, tongue in cheek humour that could only come from the UK, and pun-driven puzzles by the truckload. And all presented to you in Banjo Kazooie-vision – with identical fonts, layouts, transitions, and that unmistakable art style first seen in the 64-bit era classic. Whether or not the Banjo formula works as well today as it did in the late-‘90s is something you’ll need to figure your for yourself. After all, I’m the sort of person who could just as easily fire-up the HD re-release of Banjo Kazooie annually. And wilfully ignore all faults with its design.

Click here to read our full Yooka-Laylee Review

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:47pm 10/4/17
Yeah the camera is the area I've found to be the most frustrating part of the whole experience, but they haven't missed a step otherwise since the old days...
Posted 03:18am 12/4/17
just started playin and im digging it a lot so far. some crazy day one 2Gb patch though?!? not really sure what it does either.
Posted 11:32am 12/4/17
Hey Jez, apparently the patch fixes a bunch of performance issues and a few of the camera problems too.
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