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When it comes down to it you simply have to commend Relic for trying new things with every new strategy game they release. From the intense trench and vehicle-based warfare of Company of Heroes to the more heroic effects-driven abilities found in Dawn of War II. And now Dawn of War III's multiplayer looks to take things into the realm of the MOBA. But, not in a bad way.

Okay, so the MOBA comparison is one that comes from victory conditions that include destroying your opponents core and being able to customise elite units with different abilities based on your preferred play-style. A framework that doesn't change the core RTS gameplay, which looks very much like a cross between the action of Dawn of War II mixed with the massive armies of StarCraft.

Yeah, we can dig it.

As you can see in the additional narrated multiplayer demo below, the map design looks to be very structured with teams on opposite ends and multiple paths to reach your enemy.

An Open Beta is coming later this month, ahead of the game's launch on April 27.

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Posted 02:11pm 07/4/17
Bastards they've hooked me straight in and nothing I can do about it now.
Doesn't help I've loved all the DOW games.
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