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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:34pm 06/04/17 | 4 Comments
With the recent announcement that Total War WARHAMMER II is slated for release sometime later this year, a vocal portion of the Total War community began speculating that maybe the studio's focus was shifting away from the steeped-in-history aspect that the series became known for. Obviously that's not the case, as it seems the studios is simply expanding. In a new blog post the developer was quick to point out that the next historical Total War is well underway.

And that is will tackle an era that we haven't seen before.

Production for our next historical major release is well underway, as mentioned before, with the team working on all areas of the game at this stage; the game design is locked and asset creation fully underway. We have seen some particularly jaw-dropping character and campaign map concepts that have really pushed the strong visual design of this release.

We have also been collaborating with our first historical advisor, pre-eminent in his field and already bringing that world-leading expertise to bear on our designs and extensive research so far – don’t forget, it’s an era that we haven’t tackled yet, so we want to make sure we get it right.

With the recent collaboration with Microsoft on the very solid Halo Wars 2, and the foray into fantasy with the excellent Total War: WARHAMMER, we're more than happy to see the studio being able to tackle strategy in a number of different settings. The post also goes on to mention the creation of a new division with the studio that will be looking at creating new content for existing titles like Rome II and Attila.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:45am 07/4/17
Hmm, wonder what era. China Three Kingdoms period, maybe? Renaissance/Conquistador? Depends how loosely they define it being a new era they haven't done before I guess.
Posted 07:32pm 06/4/17
World War 2?!
Posted 03:30am 07/4/17
It would be strange if it was WW2, not sure how it would work based on the previous games. Unless they make it like Company of Heroes 2 or something.

I was hoping for Empire 2, I f*****g loved Empire TW. F*****g stomping around in the colonial era with Line Infantry and 1st Rate Ships and such. We needs more of that but since they said it’s an era that we haven’t tackled yet I doubt we will get it. Much sad.

Taggs suggestion of the Three Kingdoms is interesting, I had to google it. That would be cool. Defeat the other 2 kingdoms by creating Schezwan sauce and repeating crossbows.
Posted 06:49am 07/4/17
S*** yeah, empire has gotta be my fav period so far overall. Would love empire 2, sucks we won't get it this time around.

Only others I could think of could be maya/inca or something in South America but I wouldn't think that would have the broad appeal other eras might.
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