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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:19pm 03/04/17 | 8 Comments
As we patiently await more details on the upcoming Overwatch League, it's great to see that Blizzard are holding another Overwatch World Cup this year. The esports event which made its debut in 2016 (alongside the game itself) was a huge success that culminated in a truly amazing final series at BlizzCon. This year the top 32 nations featured in Competitive Play will make the cut, where so far Australia is coming in at number 13.

Which is awesome. The Top 5 countries so far (there's still a few weeks of qualifying to go) include: South Korea, China, USA, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. And like last year's event, viewers will get to vote for their nation's representatives once all 32 teams are known.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:21pm 03/4/17
Cool beans. who are you tipping to be in the aussie team kosta?
Posted 01:44pm 03/4/17
Acually, I'm hoping that some new talent emerges this year. Last year's team really came together towards the end though so I won't be surprised if we see some familiar faces.
Posted 02:54pm 03/4/17
Fully expecting Muselk and Zylbrad in the Australian team, and I'm ok with that
Posted 07:01pm 03/4/17
im pretty much the no 1 ranked pharah ive seen.

where do i sign up to get my medal?
Posted 08:16pm 04/4/17
What's your btag?
Posted 05:41am 05/4/17
me? Jacko#12208

i do share the account between myself, my 9yo and my 5yo, so i cant vouch for a high standard of play all the time :)
Posted 09:07am 06/4/17
Only for 66% of the time.
Posted 12:41pm 06/4/17
Only for 66% of the time.

it is funny because it is probably true
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