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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:58pm 20/03/17 | 15 Comments
Launching this week Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of the year's most anticipated releases, as it marks a new entry in BioWare's exceptional sci-fi trilogy that began almost a decade ago. And with preview builds for the game going live last week the internet has quickly decided that Mass Effect: Andromeda features stilted facial animation, characters with robotic walking animations, and mouths that move unlike anything seen before in a game.

Which has resulted in several moments of the game being turned into memes that have gone viral.

But, as with all reactions, the response to Mass Effect seems to boil down to how different it looks to most other AAA releases featuring large amounts of dialogue. A lot of the stuff being highlighted seems to be more different than "weird animation glitch". But that's not to say that the facial animation during conversations leave a lot to be desired.

The discussion about the game's animation has just about overshadowed its launch, with many people waiting patiently for reviews to see how it all pans out for the game as a whole. In response to the clunky animation BioWare has stated that currently there isn't a patch on the horizon that will address these concerns. But that it could still be addressed in future patches.

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Posted 01:04pm 20/3/17

And then as always, anonymous deads**** on the internet take it too far.


Posted 01:47pm 20/3/17
It's about ethics in game animations.
Posted 06:18pm 20/3/17
Yeah those animations do look a bit how ya goin but gameplay doesn't look too bad, hard to judge as I don't pre purchase anything and buying games at release hasn't really been great lately (Dishonored, Deus ex MD) but things seem to get ironed out after.
Fallout 4's facial animation and the way you still moved about like fallout 3 weren't too flash but it's ok 'cause Bethesda so?
Posted 07:05pm 20/3/17
They look worse than they were in ME1-3, how's that possible?

Yeah it is amazing how much of a free pass Bethesda get for this s***!
Posted 09:40pm 20/3/17
Yeah it is amazing how much of a free pass Bethesda get for this s***!

Haahahahahaha, YES!

Posted 09:47pm 20/3/17
key word there nings.... bethesda
Posted 01:01am 21/3/17
Some occasionally s*** looking facial animations aren't enough to dull my enthusiasm for more mass effect. I mean it's not ideal, but it's a drop in the ocean of the game at large
Posted 07:33am 21/3/17
I played the demo/trial and I've really enjoyed it. I'm locked from progressing now until the actual game release, but I'm super super keen for the full game in a few days time.

Did I notice some s***** animation - yes.
Is it going to ruin my experience - no.

I'm kinda glad there is some noise about this, because perhaps it shows publishers that they need to fix this s*** before releasing a game in future - but I think the 'outrage' has gone a little far.
Posted 07:41am 21/3/17
It's a bit silly to blame a single bioware employee for the bad facial animations, even though they do seem to have an issue with it. Also, in that twitter video, did the voice acting seem a little off too? Some of the faces in general seem a bit weird, I don't think anyone will saying anything about uncanny valley with these faces. Also, I don't think that the woman copped s*** because she is a woman, I've seen plenty of blokes cop s*** over things like this in the past.

The other thing is that Manveer Heir guy who was posting racist stuff (doesn't like white people), He is not longer working at bioware. Which is good.

Another thing I've seen is that some Lesbians/SJWs seem to be upset that the female character who has white/blonde side-mullet hair is not a lesbian, because she looks like one.

One thing I think we have all noticed is that gamers can get pretty pissy. A lot of other people can too, The internets is full of piss and salty tears these days. It's easy to get caught up in things especially with social media where we can easily vent our anger/nerd rage/smugness at people or companies. People just need to chill before raging over twitter and facebook.

I look forward to farting around space and harassing aliens c****. I might buy a physical copy or get a key from greenmangaming.
Posted 09:58am 21/3/17
I'm not sure putting that 10 hour trial out a week before the game was the best idea, everyones been hyper-obsessing about the first few hours of the game because its all they've had access to (and all reviewers could even talk about till the embargo lifted), and its also apparently when the game is at its worst and its slow to get going. Not the best way to make a first impression :(
Posted 12:07pm 21/3/17
Right Khel, don't know why they bothered with the trial, it's not as if there wasn't enough expectation for the game that they needed to convince more people to buy after its released.
Posted 06:43pm 30/3/17
So, how is everyone going with Andromeda? I am lv20 something and I am enjoying it. Drak is cool. Just like Wrex. A Kett pissed on the side of my Nomad, it was terrible.
Posted 07:34pm 30/3/17
It's a bit silly to blame a single bioware employee for the bad facial animations
Your regularly scheduled reminder that most of the loud noisy people on the Internet are, in fact, totally clueless
Posted 08:42am 31/3/17
i'm enjoying the game so far. i don't understand the animation backlash it has received. sure, some are a bit dodgy but the rest are pretty much standard. people need to understand that a RPG of this magnitude isn't going to have animations like uncharted 4.
Posted 11:45pm 01/4/17
So the game is fun but f*** me the facial and lip animations are bad. Like really f*****g bad. It's distracting but trying to ignore because the rest is fun. Few hours in see how we go.
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