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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:51am 16/03/17 | 6 Comments
And, it's very much in the spirit of the co-op mode found in Mass Effect 3. Albeit, without being forced to play it in order to get the "good ending". In it four players pick their character and load-out and team up to take on enemies across five different maps that will be available when the game launches next week.

Even though the setup looks mostly the same, thanks to the changes in combat, it certainly looks a lot faster than anything else we've seen from the series. The new look is part of the on-going Gameplay Series from BioWare covering all the core aspects of the game. Check it out.

Mass Effect Andromeda is out March 23 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

mass effect andromedamultiplayer

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Posted 01:42pm 16/3/17
Man, this looks like a more refined version of the MP in ME3, and that's a good thing. I was really impressed with ME3's MP mechanics, which look to have carried over here, along with some improvements. This is going to be hella fun to play!
Posted 02:21pm 16/3/17
if you have origin access you can play 10 hours of the game right now.
Posted 04:50am 18/3/17
if you have origin access you can play 10 hours of the game right now.

yep thinking of grabbing it and having a bash...watched JackFrags play it for an hour in 4k last night and it looks interesting...not too sure that the actual character anims are all that brilliant, but the basic game-play looks satisfying, and the story looks 'there' as well.
Posted 12:03pm 18/3/17
Yeah, it's copping some heat for some animation bugs and some crap lip synching and VO, but in the grand scheme of things they're only small problems. The gameplay and combat looks awesome, environments look stunning and it definitely seems to feel like a worthy Mass Effect game to me. I can forgive a few crappy animations if the rest is really good. It's not like the original Mass Effect games were flawless either, but the quality of everything elevated them despite the flaws
Posted 08:08pm 18/3/17
first gameplay video I have seen so far, and it really reminds me of warframe but different?
Posted 07:15am 19/3/17
" Damn it, someone tell me where the s****** is...."

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