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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:32am 14/03/17 | 11 Comments
But with a whatchamacallit, the option to pay money to get more stuff. In the name of all the champions for you to play with from day one in a conveniently titled 'Champions Pack'. In speaking with Polygon, id Software's Creative Director Tim Willits stated that Quake Champions is “at its core, a free-to-play game." Which, isn't all that surprising.

Currently a PC exclusive, Quake Champions looks to bring the classic multiplayer FPS franchise into the modern era. And free-to-play is certainly one way to go. As is the introduction of different Champions with unique moves and abilities for people play with.

The decision to go this route is to ensure that a wider audience gets access to the game, whilst giving fans of the series the option to get the full experience from day one. For those that go the free-to-play route, apparently the easy to acquire currency called Favor can be used to unlock additional Champions for a limited time in addition to other stuff like cosmetics.

Quake Champions is currently accepting sign-ups for its upcoming Closed Beta.

quake championsfree-to-play

Latest Comments
Posted 12:39pm 14/3/17
anyone got into the beta yet? I have signup and looking forward to this
Posted 01:52pm 14/3/17
I signed up. I'm wary but excited to play what I hope is some quakey goodness.
Posted 03:33pm 14/3/17
Beta will be available to play in about 3 weeks. If you signed up you are pretty much guaranteed to get a key.
Posted 05:40pm 14/3/17
Cheer Phython was wondering when it would start )) really looking forward to this the rest of gaming IMHO is boring s*** ATM.
Posted 06:59pm 14/3/17
any idea on size wise how big its going to be ?
Posted 08:39pm 14/3/17
Some gameplay from the beta played at PAX

Posted 10:15pm 14/3/17
Nice, that's more like it!
Posted 10:17pm 14/3/17
here's a former pro playing at pax. they've got quake 1 rocket launcher in there. i'm guessing you will be able to acquire weapon skins.

Posted 08:15pm 18/3/17
So, when is the next QGL lan?
Posted 09:32pm 18/3/17
Next Event: Unknown
Posted 11:38pm 18/3/17
So can you lot tell me if its going to be on the Bethesda launcher or steam like DOOM was ??
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