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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:31pm 10/03/17 | 4 Comments
Thanks to the re-introduction of the Australian Interactive Games Fund (AIGF) and a government investment of $4 million over four years to help independent developers and studios create games. Previously, this fund (which was a mix of loans and grants) was operated at a national level, but was axed as part of the Abbott government's 2014 budget cuts. Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam who was a vocal supporter of the fund in 2013 is once again a key component of this new measure.

"The massive success of mobile gaming, and the emerging technology of VR, present huge opportunities for the industry, and with just a few key measures, we could see a considerable amount of that work undertaken in Western Australia," Greens Communications spokesperson and Senator for WA Scott Ludlam said today.
"Every day millions of Australians turn to videogames for leisure, entertainment and education. The average Australian gamer is now indistinguishable from the average Australian - they are one and the same. The videogames industry is the fastest-growing entertainment industry in the world.
"We can foster this talent at the federal level by reintroducing an improved Australian Interactive Games Fund (AIGF). This $4 million would see small independent studios grow into flourishing ongoing enterprises.
"If we extended some of the benefits screen producers have enjoyed for years to videogame developers, it would be the single most important initiative we could take for providing enduring confidence in the industry as an essential part of screen culture."

At AusGamers we believe that any government support for game development is a good thing, as with any art. It means local talent can stay local, whilst also improving the job prospects of anyone looking to get into the industry.

To find out more about the new proposal, called Level Up WA, head here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:27pm 10/3/17
Scott Ludlam is such a legend. I wish more politicians could see past immediate expenses and start planning for the future.
Posted 04:29pm 12/3/17
hes the only forward thinking pollie with the young generation in mind across the entire country
Posted 10:08pm 14/3/17
Great news for WA. I am kind of skeptical of funds like this because I think it is very very hard to pick winners in this industry. I think though this is basically supporting art, with the side effect of them having the potential to blow up into massive industries that bring a lot of money into the country.

Agree Ludlam is great.
Posted 10:36pm 14/3/17
Those crazy greens!
Ludlam is a legend indeed.
Pretty much the only party that really sticks it to establishment politics. Unlike populist One nation.
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