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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:10pm 08/03/17 | 8 Comments
Via the CEMU emulator, which was built to emulate the Wii U. Of course, running an illegal copy of the game this isn't exactly legal, but impressive in that the developers behind the CEMU emulator have stated that it didn't take much effort to get Zelda running. And by running that's barely playable with frequent freezes, stuttering, and visual glitches. But still, running. And most interestingly, even with a specific Zelda build of the emulator, it's expected that a fully playable version could still be months or years away.

As with any emulation of this sort, fixing issues takes a while. Hence the uncertainty. And it was only recently that the GameCube emulator Dolphin received its own substantial update that made previously unplayable games like Metroid Prime silky smooth -- and in full 1080p too.

Like Dolphin before it CEMU isn't a backyard effort, with Team Cemu currently being funded via Pateron to the tune of just over $8,000 USD per month going towards their efforts. And with a high profile release like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild you can be sure that their efforts will be put towards trying to emulate the game as best as possible. And even, providing people the option to run it in 4K. Maybe.

You see how it runs so far on PC (with an i7-4790K and a GTX 780), via emulation, in the video below. Note that the lack of audio is because, well, currently there isn't any.

Nintendo's stance on emulation over the years have been consistent, it sees the practice as not only illegal but a major threat to intellectual property and its franchise.

the legend of zeldabreath of the wildpcemulationcemuemulator

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Posted 02:23pm 08/3/17
See, that's what I call s***** frames.

Out of curiosity, can we post about and link to emulator projects now? I guess so as this is an official post.
Posted 03:04pm 08/3/17
I've always felt that emulation is a topic that should be discussed, and any major events in the emu scene are worth posting. Talk about specific projects sure. But not direct links to or copies of games or ROMS. Also there were no direct links in this post for that reason.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:56pm 09/3/17
Yeah, we can definitely post about this stuff
Posted 03:15pm 09/3/17
This is a new and interesting development.

What about linking to and talking about s*** like WarCraft and EverQuest emulation projects? Console hardware and software mods? Tools to remove DRM from games?
Posted 04:22pm 09/3/17
I'd imagine talking about it is ok, but linking to stuff is over the line, if I had to guess
Posted 05:34pm 09/3/17
Yehh but its utterly trivial to find project1999 or CEMU once you know what they are.

I find the link distinction curious personally.
Posted 04:59pm 09/3/17
The link distinction is pretty clear. Providing links implies 'hey go here and get it/try it'. No link implies a discussion only, or report.

But you're right. Giving out names makes finding this stuff super easy.
Posted 06:02pm 09/3/17
can i advertise my wii soft moding business?
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