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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:12pm 08/03/17 | 12 Comments
Not being entirely happy with free post-launch content is a new one. But we're kind of secretly hoping that BioWare announces a Season Pass of sorts for Mass Effect Andromeda. One focused on delivering new single-player content, like new planets to explore and so forth. And, they still might. With today's announcement really only putting the game's multiplayer content in line with Mass Effect 3. In that all future maps and stuff will be free.

One way the new Mass Effect's multiplayer will differ from Mass Effect 3's is that it won't directly affect the single-player story. Which is a good thing.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out March 23 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Posted 01:44am 11/3/17
Check this out. Released 40 minutes ago...the more I see the more I am interested. I've never played any of the games from this franchise. The combat looked pretty good...but the story is what is appealing to me. I liked the song in this clip.
Posted 04:08am 11/3/17
Yeah, I dunno why people are getting all pissy about the song in the comments for that video, I thought it was pretty cool, worked well for the trailer. I mean, I don't want that song playing ingame as part of the soundtrack, but for the trailer, it was cool
Posted 07:38am 11/3/17
i usually spend a lot of my time in mass effect dancing.

good to see i can continue this!

Posted 05:13pm 11/3/17
I actually thought the song sounded horribly out of place but I'm bias because I hate the song. Will deffo be playing this game though.
Posted 09:05pm 11/3/17
Yeah, it was a bit jarring at first cos its not the typical trancey, spacey, electonic Mass Effect music you expect, but I guess its just cos its their launch trailer and its their more mainstream one that they'll play on TV and s***.
Posted 04:56am 12/3/17
well that's where I have shown my newbness, Ive never played any of the games in this franchise, so maybe thats why I didnt know the music is normally techno..hehe, but I do love a Sci Fi game and this one has my attention. Im an Origin acces subscriber and they are telling me I can 'try' the game out as of the 16th, prior to its release on the 22nd I think? Anyway, I am Def going to be checking it out, it does interest me a lot...should I research the backstory a bit?
Posted 02:48pm 12/3/17
should I research the backstory a bit?

if you want but i don't think it's necessary since this isn't a continuation of the previous games.
Posted 08:32pm 12/3/17
Multiplayer for mass effect is stupid, a waste of resources that should be used for the core game instead of sometihng tha wont lastlong. too bad bioware is an ea dev.
Still looking forward to the game though.
Posted 11:05pm 12/3/17
the multiplayer in me3 was really f*****g good so i'm looking forward to andromedas.
Posted 11:45pm 12/3/17
Yeah, multiplayer in me3 was suprisingly fun. Before me3 I was of the same opinion, that it was just a waste, but now I'm pretty keen to see what they do.

It doesn't really take away from the single player either since I think a different studio makes the multiplayer anyway (well, that's how they did it for me3).
Posted 07:58am 14/3/17
Not keen on the idea of ME multiplayer unless they have large matches or perhaps co-op. The music for that trailer was terrible. Someone needs to dub it with better music.
Posted 10:51am 14/3/17
It is co-op
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