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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:55pm 08/03/17 | 4 Comments
First off, the good news. Sales for Nintendo's latest console, the Switch, have been solid across the globe. Although numbers haven't been released in the Americas sales of the Nintendo Switch over its first weekend have made it the fastest selling console in Nintendo's history over there. Even surpassing the Wii. In Japan, where Nintendo console launches have always seen strong sales, that trend extended to the launch of the Switch.

No word yet on its performance in Australia, but in the UK (a traditionally non-Nintendo market) the Switch outsold the Wii U's first week by a ratio of 2 to 1. And across the entire region Nintendo is reporting that the Switch represents its fastest selling console to date. Which is pretty impressive for a non-traditional March release.

And so, all's well that ends well. Well, not quite.

The launch itself hasn't gone without incident, with several reports of dead pixels on the Switch's LCD screen popping up across each region. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but the reason people are concerned is that Nintendo's policy on dead pixels is a pretty crummy one. In that it reads:
Small numbers of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens. These are normal and should not be considered a defect.

Hence the backlash. But, it also doesn't stop there. With several cases of people's left Joy-Con losing sync whilst playing. Again, Nintendo's response to this particular issue is a little disheartening. In that they suggest the Switch not being within 1-metre of any electrical device. Or, fish-tank. Also people are also reporting of faulty units that return a somewhat refreshing 'Orange Screen of Death' (in that it's not blue) and cases where the dock's cheap plastic housing actually scratches the screen. Not to mention the glaring design flaw that puts the charging port underneath the unit, severely limiting the play-and-charge abilities of the Switch.

Even so, the Nintendo Switch launch as been a success. And we haven't come across any issues with out units. In fact, we're sort of in love with the Switch. Mainly because, well, the new Zelda looks and plays amazingly well.

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Posted 01:15pm 08/3/17
The tweet was dopey and reminds me of the iPhone 6 or whatever reception fiasco.

Fortunately the actual support practice experienced by the consumer has reportedly been much better. If you're getting actual glitches just take it back, it should run flawlessly. I have zero sync or operational problems docked or not, and its surrounded by a total mess of tech:


I looked into the scratchy dock thing. I just don't see how the screen gets scratched by the dock if you are being at all careful, it has raised ridges on either side specifically to address this and lots of room between screen and dock. Screen protectors are always a good idea for new shiny tech, and people are coming up with some nifty things like felt runners as well (see the other thread).
Not to mention the glaring design flaw that puts the charging port underneath the unit, severely limiting the play-and-charge abilities of the Switch.

Well, specifically, it prevents the use case where you want to put the switch with its stand on a flat surface and play with it plugged into the wall.
Posted 01:16pm 08/3/17
Thats actually really impressive that it sold so well, especially on the back of a not so popular previous console. And it didn't feel like it got a tonne of marketting either? Like before the Wii came out it was being pushed EVERYWHERE, even my parents knew about it, but it didn't feel like there was as huge a marketting push behind the Switch. I'm sure the new Zelda being awesome helped push a few units, but still, kudos to Nintendo, they might do some wacky s*** and make some dubious choices but they know their market.
Posted 01:20pm 08/3/17
Yeh there was legit nothing done really, just word of mouth + Zelda.

Despite being a Nintendo guy, I wasn't really super interested a couple of weeks ago ... and now I have 2 for some reason and am talking down at people online.

I feel manipulated and vaguely dirty.
Posted 02:13pm 08/3/17
If the Switch managed to turn our dear ol' Hog into an optimist, then its no wonder sales have been strong.
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