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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:29pm 08/03/17 | 0 Comments
Okay, so it was released yesterday. But, the thing is, my internet was down for the entire day. Which is an interesting experiment to try if you want to make your PC feel just about useless for a few hours. Anyway, the return of the Ghosts is nigh! That is, the squad-based third-person stealth/shooting of Tommy Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise with the release of the south of the border drug-cartel based Ghost Recon Wildlands.

So then, what's its deal? Well, if you've played the beta you should know what to expect. Missions in an open-world environment that provide you with a number of options in order to reach the objective. Do you go in stealthily, or guns blazing. Also, pick and choose which target your crew should take out. Interestingly, the latter of the two feels a little clunky and unrealistic, with re-reinforcements arriving by the carload seemingly on a timer.

First impressions though are quite good, with extensive character customisation on offer (surprisingly more-so than the RPG-like The Division), and an equally extensive skill-tree and weapon modification system in place. And when the fictional cartel-run version of Bolivia opens up for you to explore via a car, motorbike, or helicopter, there's even a slight Far Cry feel to it all.

Actually, after a few hours with it you'll definitely get a sense that you're in Ubisoft-land, with aspects of Far Cry, The Division, and even Watch Dogs 2 rearing their heads. Typical open-world stuff from the studio, but thanks to robust co-op (that works a lot better after the latest patch), it does feel fresh and somewhat unpredictable. But, it's not perfect as the car and bike handling feels like it has been ripped from a game from 15 years ago. Thankfully the chopper controls are fine.

But also, some of it feels down right lazy. Like hopping into a car to drive away from a location. Does your squad get in? Mostly no, they stand there and just magically teleport into the vehicle when you drive off. Also, too many icons on the map make its open world feel like a checklist as opposed to a place you'd explore.

But, when it all clicks with a group it's a lot of fun.

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