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And the French-ness, thanks to the inclusion of perhaps one of the more prominent armed forces to take part in World War 1. As part of the They Shall Not Pass expansion coming this month (available March 14 for Premium Pass subscribers), the French Army join the fight in four all-new western front maps. Including one that takes place against the backdrop of a burning forest. Which, looks pretty incredible.

Check it out.

In addition to new maps They Shall Not Pass will also introduce a couple of new Operations, and a new Frontlines game mode that looks to blend both Rush and Conquest into a separate and new way to play Battlefield. Which, we're interested to see how it plays.

It's a shame that with all these new fantastic locations we don't get a new story campaign. Because, as strange as it sounds, the mini anthology missions in the main game were quite good. Whilst also adding a lot of context, and thematic weight, to each map. Yeah, a Battlefield game where we want more story missions. Who knew we'd live to see the day.

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