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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:26pm 21/02/17 | 0 Comments
Terry Crews fans may need to wait a bit longer before the debut of Doomfist as the next hero to join the ever-popular Overwatch. In a new post over at the official forums, Game Director Jeff Kaplan replied to a fan question regarding the next character with the rather cryptic "it's not who you think it is." Which we assume is a direct reference to Doomfist, a character that has been teased multiple times in the past.

And has gained quite a bit of traction lately thanks to the interest of actor Terry Crews, who at this point seems to be a pretty safe bet as the voice behind Doomfist. So if Doomfist is out, who does that leave? Well, a number of options, but the front-runner in the RumourVille part of Overwatch Land seems to be a previously unseen Greek character, and a native of the game's Ilios map. Now, bear in mind that the only real evidence that points to this being a possibility is the inclusion of a voice-part for a Greek under the supervision of Jeff Kaplan on the CV of Greek actor Alex Malaos. Yeah, not exactly concrete proof.

With the last character to join the ranks being November's Sombra, its no wonder fans are trying to figure out who's next in line. Here's hoping Blizzard drops a few more hints soon.


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