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Post by Joaby @ 07:15pm 20/02/17 | 7 Comments
My review of Horizon: Zero Dawn is now live! I really liked this game, but there's a strong chance they sat down and made the game specifically with me in mind. It's the only way I can explain the process of them making a game that I've always wanted. It's got robot dinosaurs and dinosaur robots. It has great bow and arrow 'gunplay', a massive, gorgeous world, a fantastic protagonist and oodles to do.

It's not flawless, but it's a spectacular first outing for this new franchise.

If you want to see the game in action and watch me talk about the concept of cheating in a game world where the enemy is generally explicitly AI and it exists at a significant advantage compared to you (while being fairly tongue in cheek about the whole thing), I'd love to share a video with you. But Sony used the Copyright Takedown System to remove my video so I can't.

Read the review and find out for yourself if you like!

Horizon: Zero Dawn

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:31pm 23/2/17
The game is really good, and I agree entirely with Joab -- for the first little bit, it's very reminiscent of Far Cry, but it slowly comes into its own before you know it, and all of a sudden hunting is like looting in other games, only now you're not raiding cupboards, you're using the game's strongest point -- it's combat, to stack those pockets. It's a unique gameplay loop, but it's one that works
Posted 01:20am 25/2/17
This game looks brilliant, I love the art and the premise. Definitely tempted to get a PS4 sometime this year for this and a few other games, like Bloodborne and remasters of Journey and The Last of Us. Uncharted looks like a great series too.

They are all third person action games!
Posted 08:56am 25/2/17
I would buy a PS4 for this game as long as there was one other exclusive that held my attention.
Posted 10:17am 25/2/17
uncharted/last of us (easily)
Posted 07:27pm 27/2/17
Defo worth it to play the remastered Uncharted series, and Uncharted 4, as well as Last of Us. I got a PS4 just for those and it was so worth it.

Defo keen to check this out. I was thinking it seems like a mix of TombRaider and FarCry.
Posted 06:01pm 27/3/17
I'm pretty sure I saw this review reference in the ad I saw at Hoyts before Logan started.
Posted 06:47pm 27/3/17
Ayyyyyyy look at me mum i'm on the big screen!
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