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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:42pm 09/02/17 | 3 Comments
Which is a few more than what we were expecting. And judging by which mini-games were chosen to showcase the Nintendo Switch back in January, which included a quick draw game, ping pong, milking a cow, and holding a box full of marbles, you can be sure that the full line-up gets even crazier. And thankfully, Nintendo Japan has released a string of new videos that showcases how insane things get.

Like answering an invisible telephone.

Putting a tablet-baby to sleep, or trying to stop them from crying. Low batteries perhaps?

An eating contest.

Soda Wars 2049: The Carbonation Chronicles.

Nintendo's take on the whole walking simulator phenomenon.

Gillette Presents, Shaving: The Game

And whatever this is

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Posted 07:50pm 09/2/17
plz nintendo, spend more money on games development then this f*****g s***
Posted 09:03pm 09/2/17
I still can't wrap my head around Nintendo charging money for this and not just bundling with the console as a tech demo.
Posted 09:20pm 09/2/17
Wait what, this costs money? I assumed it was the free bundled in crap
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