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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:44pm 27/01/17 | 3 Comments
In news that many of us Obsidianites have been waiting for, comes the official word that, yes, Pillars of Eternity 2 is happening! Time to celebrate. And it has a fancy subtitle, Deadfire. Ooh, sounds ominous. Forgoing the traditional Kickstarter router, this time Pillars of Eternity crowdfunding is being handled via Fig, the platform that also allows people to invest in projects. As per the campaign page, the $1.1 million goal will be used to bring the game to more markets in addition to fleshing out the class and combat system.

Work on the sequel has been steadily progressing since the release of the original game, and features a number of improvements including an overhauled graphics engine. Which looks stunning.

Check out some early footage of the game in the following pitch video.

Weather effects that characters react to? Awesome. And they certainly add another dimension to the already wonderful art-style seen in the original game. Obsidian is also overhauling the AI, path-finding, and loading times too. It's like a checklist of all the complaints we had with the first game being ticked off.

As of writing Pillars of Eternity II has reached about 65% of its funding goal, so its probably safe to say that the version we'll be getting will one with very little to no compromise.

And now we patiently wait for the Tyranny 2 announcement.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:51pm 27/1/17
Backed, got $5 off the digital download version too, I think that was cos I was a PoE backer?

I swear, Obsidian is rapidly becoming my new Blizzard.
Posted 10:06pm 27/1/17
Lost an 80 hour save game. Witcher 3 has utterly consumed me but with this news I'll have to finish it up. Obsidian have been my favourite dev since Fallout New Vegas.
Posted 11:11pm 27/1/17
This looks amazing. The first one is on my Steam wishlist and I own the South Park game and Fallout: New Vegas. But I haven't played any of them yet, including the original Fallout 3, only a little bit of the original Fallout.
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