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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:51pm 24/01/17 | 12 Comments
One of the first big titles for the year has arrived, and its Capcom's reboot of the Resident Evil franchise -- Resident Evil 7. Out today, reviews have been mostly positive so far, pointing to the game's first-person perspective and return to classic survival horror scares as a plus. Resident Evil 7 is also fully playable from start to finish with PlayStation VR, in addition to the regular PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions.

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Posted 04:22pm 24/1/17
F***. I wanna play this baaaddd. Anyone getting it?
Posted 06:55pm 24/1/17
first game I've pre ordered in years
Posted 12:04pm 25/1/17
Being that I have PSVR, pre-ordering this was a no-brainer.

Apparently it also came with a free copy of the RE4 remake.
Posted 12:10pm 25/1/17
Looked into getting the PSVR and borrowing my friends PS4.... FIVE HUNDRED BUX? ok that's a lot. Are they worth it?
Posted 02:19pm 25/1/17
I think I'm way too much of a pussy to play this, but it does look pretty cool
Posted 11:03pm 26/1/17
im a complete pussy, i play like 20 minutes at a time... cant handle it but its great
Posted 05:12am 27/1/17
If you want to watch it in 'gore-ious' 4k detail @ 60fps, check out Jackfrags 60 minutes game play video over here. Obviously, there be spoilers so don't look if you don't want any.

My eldest son has played a bit on a VR setup and he said it actually scared him so much he couldn't sleep afterwards, this is a guy who is 6'5" and has a lot of Samurai swords in his house!

I thought it looked OK, but the lip syncing lets it down quite a lot IMO...seems off abit and lessens the immersion AFAIC. But that might just be YouTube's compression crap ..

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Posted 09:17am 27/1/17
is the PC version playable in VR?
Posted 11:39am 27/1/17
No, PS4 timed exclusive for now.

@ytime, if you have to ask, then probably no. It is pretty damn cool tech, but quality titles are kind of limited (personal favourite still being Until Dawn Rush of Blood, though RE7 being the first fully playable full length single player experience gets big points too, and it helps that the game seems pretty great so far). If you were into VR you'd already have it. So unless you can find a demo unit somehow I couldn't recommend it if you're umming and uhhing.
Posted 11:44am 27/1/17
Right thanks for that. I've been watching VR tech from the sidelines, honestly I wasn't expecting a console peripheral to be more expensive than the console itself. Kinda wish blockbuster was around so I can hire the setup and try it out.
Posted 10:32pm 27/1/17
finished it tonight, what a blast, the end 1/4 of the game was mediocre but the 3/4 before that make it all g.
Posted 06:03am 28/1/17
I have been watching some guy on youtube play it. It kinda makes me want to play it even though I am not a fan of these sorts of games.
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